Little Steps Toward Big Potential

Grow and Learn Among Friends

Little Steps Toward Big Potential

Grow and Learn Among Friends

Growing Into Greatness

At Little Giants Learning Academy (LGLA), we believe every stage of early learning is vital to children’s development. To maximize the potential for every student, the LGLA staff employ all their resources, creativity, and care to foster each child’s unique giftedness and greatness, gained over time.

In addition, we partner with our families toward a flexible, mutually supportive learning environment: Believing that education is the root of success, we together lay the framework for our children to grow through exciting, explorative, and excellent learning.

“Those of us who are in this world to educate—to care for—young children have a special calling: a calling that has very little to do with the collection of expensive possessions but has a lot to do with worth inside of heads and hearts.”
Fred Rogers

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Daily Efforts, Decades of Gains

LGLA is one of the latest additions to the Early Learning Academies’ family, which encompasses the best and brightest learning centers nationwide to provide high-quality, early childhood education. Readying children for school, supporting their growth, preparing them to succeed, and laying a strong foundation to excel in later years are our shared top goals. As a state-licensed facility, LGLA offers flexible scheduling options for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and Florida Voluntary Pre-K students, plus before- and after-school and summer camp programs for local elementary-aged students.

Center Calendar

Discover upcoming holidays and events at our centers. We invite you and your family to meet our teachers and staff and learn more about our culture and philosophy at one of our locations.


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