Dedication Today, Dividends Tomorrow


Dedication Today, Dividends Tomorrow

Little Giants Learning Academy (LGLA) has several classroom settings to promote growth—from infants through Voluntary Pre-K, plus elementary-aged programs—all of which are designed to pay great dividends as students gain valuable learning skills. Infant caregivers increase development and positive stimulation through talk, play and outdoor time, while older children focus on learning through hands-on activities (e.g., language, reading development, counting, colors, play-based studies, arts and crafts, and sports). All our programs are designed to grow our children’s imaginations, sharpen their skills, and strengthen their socialization.

Further, LGLA utilizes its unique childcare app, SmartCare, to give parents and caregivers a real-time peek into their child’s day. Receive updates about naps, meals, play, and learning activities via web, email, or text message, or communicate with teachers via web, mobile device, or smartphone.


Babies have unique needs and schedules, and LGLA’s caregivers are experts at making them and their families comfortable and engaged.

  • Enjoy a low infant-to-staff ratio of 4:1 with trained care providers who offer consistent, loving attention
  • Rest easy with personal cribs that meet Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission standards as well as separate changing, eating, and play areas, with cleaning/disinfecting standards that exceed state licensing sanitary requirements
  • Depend on CPR- and First Aid-certified teachers and staff
  • Utilize LGLA’s childcare app for real-time reports on your child’s day



These naturally curious learners get to develop comforting routines, lasting friendships, strong self-esteem, and a love for education in their next steps of development.

  • Rely on small, focused class sizes (toddler-to-staff ratio of 6:1)
  • Learn via teacher- and child-directed play-based activities, plus rest time
  • Strengthen important skills (identifying letters and colors, using utensils, playing outdoors)
  • Utilize LGLA’s childcare app for real-time reports on your child’s day



Ninety percent of a child’s brain is developed by age five! That’s why preschool—with critically important cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional stimulation—impacts a child’s development long-term. Preschool helps produce:

  • Higher high school graduation rates
  • Reduced instances of crime or teen pregnancy
  • Greater socialization and earning potential throughout their lives

Offering full-time and part-time options, LGLA helps your three-year-olds master age-appropriate activities, gain gross- and fine motor skills, and learn to socialize and follow rules.

  • Take part in opportunities for learning and exploring
  • Gain more control over movements and skills
  • Strengthen group interaction and socialization
  • Boost emotional development, problem-solving, and school readiness


Voluntary Pre-K

Florida VPK prepares early learners for success in kindergarten and beyond by using educational materials corresponding to various stages of development. Eligible children must live in Florida and be four years old on/before September 1 of the current school year.

  • Incorporate customized learning instruction and opportunities for language and literacy; physical, social and emotional development; mathematic and scientific inquiry; and creative expression through the arts
  • Assess baseline learning levels to monitor progress in attaining skills
  • Equip parents with resources to assist their children
  • Harness a great opportunity for kids to perform better in school and throughout life


Elementary-Aged Programs

LGLA coordinates with several local K-6 schools to assist with before- and after-school programs plus summer camps—especially helpful with younger siblings at the centers!

  • Provide transportation to and from our learning centers
  • Offer homework assistance (as needed) from our trained educators
  • Ensure snacks, free time, socialization and outdoor play are available to all